We use the latest technology and the best components when providing our Orthotics to our patients. We offer a full line of custom as well as prefabricated products which are matched to the need of our patients.

Stance Phase Control Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Our innovative design creates a more natural gait cycle by locking during stance phase and unlocking during swing phase. The automatic lock is initiated by knee extension, and is only released to swing freely when a knee extension moment and dorsiflexion occur simultaneously in terminal stance. The result is a more secure, efficient gait that also reduces the incidence of typical gait compensations.


  1. Stance control technology allows for a more efficient gait by locking when stance stability is required and unlocking for free swing.

  2. Locking mechanism control cable is contained in the tubular stainless steel sidebar, which is both strong and low profile.

  3. Knee joint automatically locks prior to initial contact whenever joint is fully extended.

  4. Secure on slopes and stairs: Joint requires simultaneous extension moment and 10% dorsiflexion to release making it safe for ascents and descents.

  5. Open frame design makes the FreeWalk easy to don and doff and keeps it cooler than most alternatives.

  6. Your measurements and our custom fabrication assure your patient of an excellent fit.

  7. The FreeWalk's tubular steel construction and unique knee mechanism require a special fabrication process. Otto Bock C-Fab has special tools and expertise needed to fabricate this orthosis. We look forward to meeting your central fabrication needs.

Custom Knee Orthosis

This orthosis was designed for osteoarthritis patients and provides finite adjustability to optimize off-loading tolerance. The V-VAS™ orthosis is capable of providing adjustments to the Femoral and Tibial sections either in combination or individually while the mechanical axis stays non-binding and auto aligning.

Ankle Foot Orthosis

There are many different carbon graphite ankle foot orthoses on the market, we match the correct orthosis to promote safe ambulation for our patients in the home and in the community.

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