Orthocare America Inc., provides advanced Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Orthopedic Shoes using the most advanced components and technology when fitting our patients.

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Services Include:

Endoskeletal (soft outside cover with inside support structures)


Exoskeletal (hard outer shell support)

Upper Extremity:

Cosmetic systems / restoration

Conventional - body powered above and below elbow systems

Myoelectric - battery powered above and below elbow systems

Shoulder disarticulation prostheses

Lower Extremity:

Partial feet, Symes, Chopart prostheses

Preparatory pylon prostheses

Ultra lightweight geriatric prostheses

Above / Below Knee prostheses (all socket styles and materials available)

Hydraulic / Computerized Knees

Energy storing feet

Multi-axial feet

Knee / Hip disarticulation prostheses

Hemi-pelvectomy prostheses

Sacral Agenesis prostheses

CAD-CAM sockets available

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The Rheo Knee

The BiOM Prosthetic Foot

The I-Limb Hand

In Home Care

ABC Accredited

American Board Certified and Ohio Licensed Practitioners

More than 30 Years in Orthotics and Prosthetics

Rheo knee and BiOM foot

Custom Prosthetics are professionally made onsite using quality materials